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307LUFKINS and BROADWAY families

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  • famhistory41
    Dec 17, 2005
      I am late in responses to earlier messages re the above families. I am
      interested in more information on Stephen Lufkin who came to St. Helena
      in 1700's. His one daughter Mary married John Young. Factory records
      show a John Lufkin in the garrison in 1727. There was also a Joseph
      Lufkin who was a solider. Joseph Lufkin had three sons all died in
      1747 - none of them married, two about 20 years of age and one under
      18. John Young in his will left a suit of morning to his father-in-law
      Stephen Lufkin. Also John Young came to this Island as a Valentine
      Refugee. Does anyone know history of this or suggestions where I could
      find out more.