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25RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Please Help - I am new and require some guidance

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  • ria
    Jun 16, 2004
      Thank for your feedback and help, I have decided to enlist the help of a proffesional researcher, so I hope that I have a positive result shortly.
      thank you rholdah
      Alastair HONEYBUN <A.Honeybun@...> wrote:
      Hi Ria,

      In regards to your message:

      -----Original Message-----

      Hi I am ria, and I am trying to retrieve some information about my
      ancestory, as I am the only remaining member of my family, or rather
      that is how it stands to today.

      I have very little to go on with and would apprecaite some information
      about how to start nad where to look.

      I am trying to locate information about Arthur Johnson, he is my
      maternal grandfather and I understand that he was born on ST Helena
      Island between 1900 and 1910 - I deduced that bit considering my father
      the youngest one of 8 children - ( only 2 surving into
      adulthood) was born in 1929.

      Any guides or leads on thsi matter wouldbe greatly appreciated.



      Some web sites which may be of assistance:

      LDS St Helena

      There are some Johnson surnames mentioned in the book - NAPOLEON'S ST
      HELENA by Gilbert Martineau which can be viewed on this web link:

      Hope these help



      This is the St Helena Institute's 'Forum for Family History'.

      For information on St Helena family history see

      For the St Helena Institute's homepage see

      cheers Ria

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