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239RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Paynter and Knipe families

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  • Christine Adams
    Jul 10 4:27 PM
      Glennis Snell has recently published a very extensive and documented history
      of the Knipe Family of St. Helena. She may still have some copies for sale.
      She can be reached at glennis@... . I checked my copy of her book, and
      see that she mentions a Rebecca Julia Knipe, b. 15 Sep 1861. She does not
      give any information about the marriage of this women, but does provide
      documented lineage for her back 6 generations. [You and I share the first 3
      of those.]
      Since I collaborated with her on a small bit of the research into those 6
      generations, I can tell you that the published information represents hours
      and hours of research,and access to ecclesiastical records [in South Africa]
      that are not easily accessed outside of that place and St. Helena itself.
      I highly recommend it.
      Christine Adams

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      >Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Paynter and Knipe families
      >Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 05:22:57 -0000
      >Looking for any infarmation on James Paynter who was married to
      >Rebecca Knipe born around 1860? on St Helena. They had 4 children 2
      >boys - Richard James Paynter born 1889 and another son name unknown,
      >and 2 daughters - names unknown. All 4 children were born on St
      >Helena. Looking for information on the Knipe family heratige. We know
      >that James Paynter was English and was not born on St Helena. Any
      >information would be appreciated.

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