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  • foxhome
    Jul 8, 2005

      Crystal, Not sure if this will help but a few years ago I looked up all the St HelenaSolomons’in the India Office library. They are as shown below.  The wording is exactly as written on the card and I have no further information.


      You should also check out this website




      There was also a book published called ‘Saul Solomon - The Member for Capetown  not sure if there is any relation. The book is available on www.abebooks.com for under $10


      Hope this helps


      Colin Fox




      Solomon’s in the British Library, India Office, card index - St. Helena


      John Solomon               (sailor, ‘Trusty’) buried                         31/07/1798


      Charles Solomon          married Elizabeth Gazel             22/04/1798


      Nathaniel Solomon       son of Soldier and wife             bapt. 25/05/1800

      Benjamin Solomon        son of soldier & wife                             bapt. 26/08/1801

                                          married Eliza Chamberlain                     01/10/1823

      Harry Solomon             son of Benjamin and Eliza                     b 22/05/1825

      (Could Harry’s father be the Benjamin, son of a soldier and wife above?)

      Eliza Solomon               (Age 28) wife of B.Mr, buried  12/05/1831

      (Could she be the Eliza above?)


      Phoebe Elizabeth Solomon        dau of (Mr and Mrs)                 20/05/1804

      Phoebe Solomon          married Thomas Montgomery Hunter (St. H Art.)


      Harry Robert Solomon son of (Mr and Mrs)                             bapt. 18/01/1807



      Saul Solomon               married Mary Chamberlain                   02/12/1815

                                                                  (buried 24/06/1823 )

                                          married Harriet Bryan                           24/06/1823

      Margaret Solomon        (Mrs - a native) buried                          14/06/1815

      Lee Solomon                Son of Saul and Margaret                     b 29/03/1815

      Nathaniel Lee Solomon

                                          son of Saul and Mary                            b 05/06/1822

      Saul Solomon               son of Saul and Mary                            b 12/08/1818

      William Solomon          son of Saul and Harriet                         b 06/12/1827

      Mary Solomon             dau of Saul and Harriet                         b 08/05/1825


      Joseph Solomon           married Hannah Moss                           07/07/1814

      Nathaniel                      son of Joseph and Hannah                    bapt 03/06/1815

                                                                              buried               04/06/1815


      Lewis Gideon Solomon married Julia Magnus                29/09/1818





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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] john & louisa solomon/s


      i am trying to trace details/family of my great-great grandparents who
      came to
      Cape Town from st helena island late 1800's. their names were
      john and louisa solomons.some of their children were named:
      martha,harriet,john, richard, david.  there was also a hanna and maria-
      but we not sure if they were siblings or children of martha. john (my
      great-grandfather) was born in
      cape town in 1901-his sister martha (one
      of the eldest) was born on st helena island. my mother vaguely
      remembers my great-grandfather telling her that his name was spelt
      different-either his first name John could be Jan/Jon or surname was
      spelt different Solomons could have been Semolon/Somolon-if any of this
      rings a bell-please let me know-Thanx-Crystal Williams-I can also be
      mailed at crystal@...

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