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2088Military Indices

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  • ecs7fg
    Jul 5, 2014
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      There is an online service called FindMyPast.com.   It is a pay site, but it can sometimes be found at Libraries or Family History Centers.  Among other things, it ahs indices to military BMD.  They are not transcribed, rather copies of the pages.  They are in alphabetical order and there is some means to search by name.  (They might make changes or improvements as time passes)  About 1% of the entries are about St Helena events.  The index contains the information required to order the full certificate from the GRO.  I have not ordered a St Helena certificate, but I ordered one from Mauritius and it came with a lot of additional useful information on it.

      Here are some examples

      Lucy Smith, birth 1817

      George Mathew Stear, birth  1860 - 69 page 167

      Elizabeth Agnes Stewart birth 1844 - 46 page 673

      John Brown death 1868-9 page 945

      Andrew Burne death 1838 - 9 pg 251

      William Brown death 1838 - 9 pg 252

      George Jolly married 1879 pg 503

      Mary Ann Penman marr 1860 pg 263

      I have not yet found online lists of civilian events, but I am still looking.  I do not know the criteria for being on this list, but it is typeset and easy to read.

      Ed of Falcon