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  • gregwithnail
    Jun 25, 2014
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      Hello Richard

      Thanks for your reply - and sorry for not responding sooner. My Yahoo notifications were being spam-filtered!

      I'm a British Library cardholder already, and you're right - it's a great place for research.

      As for what material I'm after: I've got (I hope) the major bases covered. The geography, the history, etc. What I really need now is little details. This is more or less why I described this message thread as off topic: It's not so much people stuff I'm after (though it's always interesting and often handy to know) so much as the sights and sounds, and the physical stuff about the island.

      e.g. 1. I once found a passing reference saying The Run in Jamestown "was paved over" in a certain year. But it wasn't clear whether that meant the paving-over project occurred in that year, or that in that year it was already paved over.

      e.g. 2. I found a statement that there was a railway in Ruperts, originally proposed in 1848. When (or even if) it was actually built, and - just as significant, but often ignored in examples like this - when did it disappear again?


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