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    Jun 19, 2014
      Searching for information about Photographer W. O. Broadway I came across your entry. 
      Many family's left StHelena in 1834 when the British government took over the running of the island, If anyone knows who was W.O.Broadways family According to B.Grant 1883 his business was well described 
       On the right of this and adjoining the Hussey School is the commodious School of the Benevolent Society erected in 1865, in a line with which are the new Poor House and Lunatic Asylum and the Commissariat stables. Above these is a roofless building called Parade Cottage, formerly the residence of the Commanding Officers of the late St. Helena Regiment, but now converted into a slaughter house, with a date palm in front, and a fine

      tamarind and margossa trees at the left of it. Adjoining this building is the residence and garden of the Photographer, Mr. W. O. BROADWAY. Part of this garden was washed away by the destructive flood of 1878. Here are to be seen two cocoanut trees, a cypress, eucalyptus, mimosa, loquat, pomegranate, fig, plantain, guava, and cotton trees, and neat little flower beds ; and opposite, plantain, margossa, banyan and thorn trees. The Tourist will notice, a few yards above this house, a vine trailing along the hillside ; this is the cactus (night-blooming cereus,) which presents a pleasing sight when in bloom, its handsome, bell-shaped flowers looking extremely beautiful on moonlit evenings and in the early morn ; but after 8 a.m. they fade away. 

      Could anyone tell me where this is? 

      ---In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, <g.loffell@...> wrote :

      Hi Miranda,
      I made a big boo-boo when I last wrote to you! My apologies.
      Louisa Broadway (1808 - 1887) was the daughter of Henry Broadway. Louisa married Frederick Augustus Alexander (1811 - 1863) on 11 Dec 1832 and Alice Eleanor Alexander (1852) was their 11th child.
      I hope that information makes everything a bit clearer!

      On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 7:28 PM, gloffell <g.loffell@...> wrote:

      Hi Miranda,
      Louisa Broadway (born 1808) is an ancestor of mine. She and Henry Broadway had 11 children, the last of whom (Alice Eleanor Alexander 1852,)was my relative. Her first child, Maud Mary Mitchell (born 1872) was my Grand-mother.
      I've just joined the Group and am finding my way through the maze of names and connections. It's so exciting!
      Unfortunately I don't have any information about Caleb and can't add to any of your facts. However, I'm writing to you as I'm excited to "meet" my distant relative.
      I shall certainly be in touch if I have anything to add to your data. If you have anything to share with me I would love to hear from you.

      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, "miranda7322" <mirandadutta66@...> wrote:
      > I am researching the family of Caleb BROADWAY(b.1752?, location N/K) of
      > St Helena, particularly through his son Henry, a Captain in the East
      > India Company. Henry's wife Eliza(beth) TORBETT died in 1820, but he
      > went on to father many more children by (an) unknown mother(s). One of
      > these children, Thomas Frederick (b.1828, St Helena) became a Master
      > Mariner, & married an English girl, Mary Ann Garrard in the East End
      > of London (thus producing my line).
      > Caleb Broadway was baptised as an adult in 1777, then married Mary
      > Watts later the same year. I have no record of him (or any other
      > Broadways) before 1777.
      > Their children:
      > George b. 1778, m. Ann KNIPE 1798, d. N/K
      > John b. 1780
      > Charles b. 1782, d. 1784
      > Mary b. 1785, m. Amorett YOUNG 1803, d. N/K
      > William b. 1787, d. 1807
      > Henry * b. 1788?, m. Eliza(beth) TORBETT 1808, d. N/K
      > Robert Ballard b. 1791?
      > Henry Broadway was a Lieutenant & later a Captain in the St Helena
      > Artillery. He married Eliza(beth) TORBETT in 1808, & she died in 1820
      > (in childbirth?).
      > Their children:
      > Louisa b. 1808, m. Frederick ALEXANDER 1832, d. N/K
      > Eliza b. 1811
      > Henry Caleb b. 1813
      > William b. 1815
      > James b. 1817
      > Mary Charlotte b. 1820
      > Henry's children by unknown mother(s):
      > Eleanor Sarah b. 1822
      > Charles Edward b. 1824
      > Margaret Jane b. 1826
      > Thomas Frederick * b. 1828
      > Adelaide Geraud b. 1831
      > Penelope Frances Mary b. 1832
      > I would be very grateful for any information at all about the St Helena
      > Broadways, but especially on Caleb's origins (was he the first Broadway
      > in St Helena, & if so, where in the UK was he from?); any idea who the
      > mother(s) of Henry Broadway's later children was/were?; what became of
      > the Broadway family after St Helena returned to the Crown? I have
      > reason to believe some may have gone to South Africa, but if so, who?
      > and where did the others go?
      > I have also traced a Byron Topping Broadway b. 1853 in St Helena; does
      > anyone know who his parents were?
      > I have already done extensive research (including trips to the British
      > Library & National Archives), & am prepared for more, so any info or
      > tips you can give me would be much appreciated!
      > Many thanks,
      > Miranda

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