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2017Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Young Family

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  • Ian Godfrey
    May 24, 2014
      Hello to those on the Young family thread,

      I'm not sure how relevant this is to your current discussion but it appears that John Francis Young left St Helena for the Victorian goldfields with - it seems probable - his cousin Stephen John Young. Apologies if you've already covered this.

      My distant cousin Stephen John Young 2 (I'm using the number 2 for this Stephen John Young as he had the same name as his father and also one of his children, so this can get confusing) was born on St Helena on 16 Sep 1832 and arrived in Victoria around 1853. He married Sarah Elizabeth Veal on the goldfields at Sandhurst (now Bendigo) on 26 April 1858. Stephen died in a road accident at Peg Leg Gully, Eaglehawk (now a suburb of Bendigo) aged 27, on 9 Jun 1860, and was buried on 12 Jun 1860 in the Back Creek Cemetery. His cause of death certified by the Jury at the Coroner’s Inquest was:
      “Severe injuries received by the upsetting of a cart, the wheel of which passed over his neck”. At the time of his death he was a storekeeper.

      Stephen John Young 2 and Sarah had two sons:
      • William John Spencer Young, b 13 Aug 1856, d 13 Apr 1927, and
      • Stephen John Young 3, b Mar 1859, d 1912.
      From Stephen's death certificate he also appears to have had an illegitimate further son:
      • William J(?) Young, b Mar 1858.

      I have assumed, but with no current evidence, that as Stephen John Young 2:
      • had the same family name as John Francis Young,
      • was born on St Helena and was just three years older than John Francis Young, and
      • migrated to the Bendigo goldfields at very much the same time as John Francis Young,
      that they were cousins.
      John Francis Young died 24 Feb 1896 at Jackass Flat, Bendigo, nearby to Eaglehawk where Stephen John Young had died earlier. He was buried at White Hills Cemetery close by.

      I have John Francis Young b St Helena 7 Sep 1835.
      He married Kathleen Nolan on 21 Sep 1880 at St Paul's Church of England, Sandhurst.
      I have no children recorded.

      John Francis's Father was Joseph Young and his mother Sarah Francis, both of St Helena.

      I have assumed that Joseph Young may have been a son of Amoret Young b abt 1781, buried St Helena 25 Mar 1844, and Mary Broadway, baptised 6 Mar 1785 and d 10 Jun 1819, both on St Helena. This is because Stephen John Young 1 (father of Stephen John Young 2 above) was also a son of Amoret and Mary's.

      Stephen John Young 1 was born 17 Mar 1810, baptised 15 Apr 1810 and died 9 Dec 1890 on St Helena. But just perhaps interestingly for the current thread's discussion about how all these Saints got to Australia, his son Stephen John Young 2's death certificate shows Stephen John Young 1 to have been a purser.

      On 8 Jul 1830 at the Country Church St Helena, Stephen John Young 1 married Eleanor Mary Adams, who was born and baptised on 20 Jan 1814, died 1891 and was buried in Knollcombe Cemetery, all on St Helena. They had six sons and six daughters.

      My connection to all this is that Eleanor Mary Adams's father, Sergeant Major Thomas Adams (1771-1828) and his second wife Elizabeth Pridemore Thompson were my GGGG Grandparents.

      I hope some of this might be of assistance.

      Melbourne, Australia.

      On 30 Apr 2014, at 6:48 pm, richard.a.vickery@... wrote:

      > Hi everyone,
      > I think my recent post crashed and flew off into the ether.
      > I am tracking down my GGF John Francis YOUNG to the gold fields of Victoria Australia I might have had a breakthrough.
      > There were three friends from St Helena working the digs in Jackass Flat, Sandhurst (Bendigo). In gold digging parlance the person you team up with to work a claim was historically called a mate. In modern parlance the person you socialise with is called a mate.
      > Of the three, James Lawrence and Hugh Northam were mates; they may have worked a claim together. John Young (my GGF I think) was a friend of James Lawrence and they shared a tent. Miners usually pitched a tent on or very near to their claim to prevent theft.
      > After an altercation and in the early hours of after midnight Hugh Northam shot James Lawrence with a pistol in the very tent Lawrence & Young shared while they both lay on their stretchers. Lawrence didn't die straight away but suffered for more than a week with an open wound in his throat through his oesophagus and trachea before succumbing to lung and internal infections. He was unable to ingest food or fluids. You had to pay to be treated in the early days of the colony so Lawrence refused to be taken to hospital.
      > Northam escaped the death penalty because the incompetence of the attending physicians was deemed to contribute to Lawrence's death. He did 7 year's hard labour for manslaughter. Interestingly Northam had converted 3 lbs of gold just days before the attempted murder and was arrested in Melbourne trying to cash in his cheque. The authorities seized his money. It may have been unrefined gold and undervalued but if it was refined gold then 3lbs in today's money is USD$2,000,000. It is not clear where he ended up as a pardon or a release usually excluded freedom to travel to their home place or the UK. There was one report that prior to his arrest he had investments in UK canals and railways.
      > Northam arrived into Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne) possibly in
      > July 1852 upon the Australasian Packet from Cape Town under Capt HHP Pryce OR
      > Aug 1854 upon the "Helena" from Cape Town
      > He was born 04 July 1825 - India Office ref n/6/3 f. 15
      > Father - Thomas Northam (St Helena Artillery)
      > Mother - Catherine McCarrol Baptised 30 May 1802 - F=James; M=Kitty Nairns N/6/2 f.1
      > Siblings - Amelia 06 May 1821
      > - Catherine 24 Jul 1822
      > James Lawrence could be;
      > James Jacob Lawrence Born 13 Jul 1823 to William & Sarah = N/6/2 F.226 OR
      > James Samuel Lawrence Born 31 Jan 1831 to William & Sarah = N/6/3 f.149
      > I am running with J Samuel L as it is closer to
      > John Francis Young Born 1835 to Joseph Young & Sophia Francis (No records)
      > Point of interest; if Northam arrived in 1852 then he travelled with an Edward Baguley
      > If any one cane verify the connection between Lawrence and Young I'd be eternally grateful
      > rgds
      > Richard
      > Sydney
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