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2002Attempting to trace Vraagom & Clarke families

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  • nathalie H
    Apr 21, 2014
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      Hi everyone,  I'm doing some research on the above families.My paternal grandfather's name was Arnoldus Vraagom (D.O.B 24/05/1923). I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find much information on him.I have been told that he was from St.Helena Island. I have found his,what they called in those days,persons card,which was a sort of identity document and on there they wrote his name as Anools Vraagom.I have found him and my grandmother's names in the church's marriage records and in there his name is spelt different,once again,Annols Vraagom he died before the South African I.D numbers were introduced.He died in vredenburg,South Africa.

      Then my maternal great grandfather (Gert Clarke D.OB 06/10/1907 or 1911) was, according to the family, british born.My grandfather (also Gert Clarke) don't remember much but I have found his date of birth which is 04/09/1937 but have hit a dead end too!!

      Is there anyone who might have information on either of the families?

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