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1973Message to Andrew Moss - Lady Hamilton's ring

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  • Andrew
    Feb 28, 2014

    Dear Andrew


    It is only in the last few days that I have found out that I am related to Isaac Moss and Frederick Joseph Moss via my Great Grandmother, Mabel Moss who was F J Moss’ daughter. As a result I found the St Helena forum and have been going through past correspondence.


    I came across a forum message from you to person called Barbara and was dated 3rd May 2008 where you stated:


    Some additional information on family origins
    Another piece of information that I have, are family notes made in 1933, from a relative in Melbourne (Australia), which are snippets of an oral account of how the Moss family came to St Helena. The handwriting is very poor – but this is something I could decipher – but it is confusing:




    There was also a confusing passage that I could not make sense of:

    ·         The father of the Moss connection who came to St Helena may have served as a boy of 14 in Nelson’s navy – with the story suggesting he was involved in a mix-up whilst responding to a request from Lady Hamilton’s brother – but not running dispatches for Nelson – with the result that he was lashed for not following his duty – and ‘dropped overboard’! the boy was later found by Lady Hamilton – who offered him the choice of returning to the Navy or to join the merchant service – she also gave him a ring – and said if in difficulties he was to produce the ring!


    I have this ring! We have a ring that was owned by my Grandmother Aileen Hudson (who was the only daughter of Mabel Moss). The story that has been passed down the family (and probably garbled in translation) is that a Midshipman was given this ring by Lady Hamilton as a bribe so she come aboard Nelson’s ship. I have to admit that we could never understand why Lady Hamilton would need to bribe somebody to come on aboard Nelson’s ship in the first place, but that was the story. We have always called it the Lady Hamilton’s ring although we have always appreciated that there was no documentary evidence to prove that it was.


    When I came across your statement regarding the ring it all makes perfect sense.


    When my mother died some 18 months ago, the ring passed to my wife and we had the ring evaluated by a local auctioneer, who confirmed that the ring was 18th century,  probably made around 1780 ish, which would put it in the correct time frame.   


    Whilst I appreciate that this additional evidence does not prove that we have ‘the true ring’, it does add evidence to our family story.


    I would really appreciate if you could send me a copy of this document so that we can keep it with the ring.


    I have attached a rather poor photograph of the ring for your interest.







    Andrew Templer

    13 Darwin Road



    DE3 9HT



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