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197Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Mary Lions/John Christopher Caton

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  • Brian M Morley
    May 3, 2005
      Hi Listers,
      Try these Links
      microfilmed by the
      Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
      (These films may be ordered at any of their worldwide Family History Centers
      for a modest rental fee. However, they may only be read at the Family
      History Centers and not taken off site. For more general information on LDS
      Family History Centers, follow this link.
      (contributed by Christine Adams)

      Council Consultations of the East India Company Office on St. Helena
      45 reels. Films # 1259066-1259098; 1259102, 1259103, and 1259113-1259121.
      Microfilm of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. The
      Council, under the direction of the East India Company, functioned as the
      executive and judicial authority on the Island until 1834, when it became a
      crown colony. The records continue until 1836, the year of the arrival of
      the first crown appointed governor. Early consultations include minutes of
      court sessions, passenger lists, and census lists. Later consultations
      include muster rolls, court martials, account statements, tax lists, leases,
      correspondence, wills, proclamations, etc. After 1824 the consultations are
      divided by subject. Some volumes are individually "indexed." Film #1259112
      is described as a calendar of volumes and inclusive dates.

      East India Company Correspondence Copybooks, 1671-1817
      Films # 1259099 (items 6-10) -1259100.
      Microfilms of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. Letters
      received by the council from England, and responses to the letters for the
      years 1800-1811. Letters received from India, China, and the Cape of Good

      St. Helena Muster and Pension Rolls, 1789-1859
      Films #2029841-2029846 &2029863. India Office Military Department collection
      no.: L/MIL/13/1-15.
      Microfilm of original records in possession of the British Library, London.
      St. Helena was occupied by troops of the East India Company between 1659 and
      1836. In 1836, company troops were replaced by regular British troops.
      Includes the name, rank, company, regiment, date of arrival, date of
      discharge and other information for soldiers serving on St. Helena. Includes
      some partial indexes.

      St. Helena - Church Records. Baptisms, Marriages and Burial, 1767-1835
      The index is film # 0498603 item 2, and the records are film # 0498605.
      Microfilm of parish register transcripts of these sacraments, from European
      churches on the Island. Original records are at the India Office in London.
      There are some photocopy restrictions on these films.

      Civil Registrations, 1852-1936
      Films # 1259104-1259106.
      Microfilms of the original records at Government Archives, Jamestown.
      Includes separate indexes for marriages and deaths.

      Registers of Wills, 1682-1839
      Film #1259107, item 4-6: Will registers 1682-1745, 1746-1793, 1788-1815.
      Film #1259108, item 1-2: Will registers 1815-1821, 1821-1839.
      Microfilms of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. Vols.
      individually indexed.

      Inventories of Estates of Deceased Persons, 1744-1760
      Film # 1259112, item 3.
      Microfilm of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. Includes

      Gravestones and Memorials on St. Helena, 1686-1975
      Film # 1259107, item 1-2 on the reel.
      This was a project by the 5th and 6th years pupils of the Secondary
      Selective School. It includes a separate index. Remember that it can of
      course only include those tombstones which survived and could still be read.

      List of Ships Arriving, 1793-1818
      Film # 1259099. The lists are items 4-5 on the reel.
      Actually there is a gap, so the years covered are 1793-1803, and then

      Emigration and Immigration: List of Passengers Proceeding from St. Helena to
      England, 1807-1812
      Film # 1259112, item 2.
      Microfilm of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. Includes
      passengers passing through St. Helena from India and China to England.

      Register of Leases, 1682-1855
      Film #1259108, item 3-6, through 1259110, items 1-5.
      Microfilm of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. Includes
      leases, free grants, a survey of farmlands, and an index to the register of
      leases for 1809.

      Land and Property Records. Deed Books, 1729-1849
      Films # 1259110 item 6-7, 1259111 and 1259112, item 1. Volumes individually
      Microfilms of the originals at the Government Archives, Jamestown. The
      island became a colony under the control of HM government in 1834. Includes
      deeds, bills of sale, mortgage bonds, leases, indentures, permission to
      marry, powers of attorney, letters of emancipation, affidavits,
      guardianships, etc.

      St Helena Family History | Useful Resources | The St Helena Institute
      Failing that contact Carol Archibald at :

      Carol Archibald
      Historical Papers
      William Cullen Library
      University of the Witwatersrand
      Private Bag X1
      PO Wits 2050
      South Africa
      Tel: +27 11 717 1940
      Fax:+27 11 339 4137
      e-mail: Archibald.C@...

      Brian M Morley
      Ipswich Queensland Australia

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      From: mcdonni
      Date: 05/04/05 07:17:51
      To: st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Mary Lions/John Christopher Caton

      Thank you for replying to my post Lloyd, I'm sorry it's taken me so
      long to reply but I've been working on the other side of the family
      for a bit. I am really bogged down at the moment! In answer to your
      question re the name Scott, I haven't come across it, but then I
      don't have any more to go on other than the photographs and
      family "word of mouth" with regard to our St. Helena connection.

      The young boy in the photograph with the dark woman and the white
      man, (also John Christopher) came to Port Phillip (Melbourne),
      Australia around 1852 where he married Annie Williams from Liverpool
      (the woman in the second photograph), an assisted immigrant. They
      went on to have 9 children, one of whom was my grandfather. Because
      their first child was born in 1855, two years before they married in
      1857, the family at that time didn't discuss their parents'
      backgrounds, which is why the photographs in the locket have only
      just come to light. One of my father's sisters gave it to her
      daughter-in-law before she died. Obviously Annie entrusted it to her.

      I have tried looking at BDM records for Capetown where John
      Christopher(2) was supposedly born, but have not found any record
      there of his birth. This would have been in the 1820s, so I guess
      the marriage between Mary Lions and John Christopher Caton took place
      around this time. Perhaps there were name changes, or perhaps they
      married elsewhere. Again, the clothing in the photographs indicates
      they were probably reasonably well off. Does anyone know if marriage
      records are available for free blacks or slaves marrying whites? Am
      I on a "wild-goose chase"? I seemm to have more questions than

      If anyone has any suggestions re other possibilities or courses of
      action, they will be much appreciated. Thanks for this forum which
      gives us the opportunity to seek help from others researching
      their "Saints" connection.

      Regards. AllyB. Victoria, Australia.

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