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1929RE: My Maternal Great Grandparents, Sarah Young and Thomas Henry John

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  • tamorett
    Nov 2 12:37 PM
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      ยท         Charles Thomas Truebody, (born on St. Helena on 25 February 1870; died 17 September 1943 in Cape Town) married a St. Helena girl, Ada Temperance Young (born 2 June 1867; died during the flu epidemic in 1918 in Cape Town) in the Baptist Church , Constitution Street , Cape Town on 16 November 1896.  They had 6 kids.


      I don't know whether Ada is a relative of yours. Have you maybe got some information that depicts any relationship between the Young and Truebody families?


      I have done some research on the Truebody family, but still don't know when and how Charles Thomas Truebody left St. Helena Island for South Africa.




      Amorett Charles T. Truebody

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      I am looking for genealogical information on my maternal great grandparents, Sarah Young and Thomas Henry John. I believe, both were born on St Helena and came to South Africa in the late 1800's to find work. They both settled in the Claremont, Cape, South Africa area where they were married. Sarah had a brother, John Young, and a sister, Florence Young, who married a Mr. Graham - also from the Island. Thomas Henry had two brothers, Maurice and William, who left St Helena to work in the whaling industry in South Africa. My grandmother, Maude Eliza Jacobs/Lang nee Young, had four sisters-Rosetta, Florence, Bertha and Guenie; and two brothers-Thomas John and George. My mother, Daphne Wilhelmina Fillmore nee Jacobs and my father, William James Fillmore, were married at St Saviors on Main Road, Claremont. I left South Africa in 1962, 9 months after my 21st birthday, and have lived in the US for the past 50 years. My parents are buried in the US and my 5 siblings and their families live in the US.
      I have some gaps on this side of my family history - the Youngs and  the John's -that I'm seeking to fill. What is their ancestral history? When did they leave St Helena? Is my great grandmother related related to the John and Sarah Younge's or their children, John and Barbara, whose names are on "A List of Passengers ordered on Board the Two Ships for St Hellena 1673" (Source: India Office Library and Records)? If they are related, what are the connecting lines? What is known of the ancestral line of Thomas Henry John and his two brothers and their descendants? I would enjoy hearing from anyone with information relavent to my search or with knowledge of resources I might explore. 
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