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1920Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] RE: Young Family

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  • Ian Porteous
    Nov 1, 2013
      Does anyone have records of police officers about 1870 on St Helena .I am looking for a William Dickinson and wife  Margaret Kennedy . Margaret Kennedy has an Elizabeth Bagley and Nathaniel Kennedy in her tree . Anyone connected to this family ?

      On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Richard Vickery <richard.a.vickery@...> wrote:

      Thanks for this Irene,
      We have long pondered John Francis Young's method of entry into Australia and your suggestions are probably the most plausible I have heard. I'll pursue it as far as I can
      Hi Harold,
      Nice to hear from you. Bagely is Irish right? Have made that branch connection yet?
      I hadn't considered the US, I am a little wary of the timing but I did consider NSW as the first point of entry into the mining industry. My GGF ended up in Jackass Flats, White Hills, Sandhurst (Bendigo).... seriously.. working as a Pyrites burner and miraculously in spite of sniffing toxic fumes at work lasted to 65. Unfortunately his teenage bride didn't live very long so he was a widower with a tribe of kids. He was described in Bendigo papers as a Malay and we think he was the son or grandson of a freed slave. As far as we can calculate the mix may have been Asian, possibly Madagascan, probably English or local and possibly West African. Fascinating stuff but frustrating given that records prior to 1835 are a little scarce and somewhat sketchy.
      I'll try the US thanks to your suggestion and see where I get.

      On 1 November 2013 20:31, Irene Dillon <larzus@...> wrote:

      Hi Richard,

      Passenger lists were very haphazard in those days.  I have family who came from Tristan Da Cunha and the only way I found it was that two children were placed in an orphanage in Hobart, which listed their birthplace and ship of arrival in Tasmania.  The ship was an American whaler not a regular passenger ship.

      Also, sailors and seamen (unskilled sea labourers) were not recorded.  There were a few seamen who died in wharf accidents in Hobart through the mid 1850s and even the ship's captain didn't know their name.  One was recorded, I remember, as 'Sharkey' and another was 'Jemmy'. 

      There was also a lot of seaport hopping by merchants between Australia, St Helena, New Zealand and Cape Town, also Nevis, Bermuda, Trinidad .... all with no records since they had their own ships.

      There was talk at one point (circa 1795 I think) of making Tristan Da Cunha a convict settlement but England decided against it. 

      There were convicts from the Islands in Tas but I think they committed their crimes in Australia.  It is more likely your ancestor signed on to a ship as crew in order to achieve a free passage to Australia.  

      However, I don't really know NSW convicts so well, nor WA. 


      On 1/11/2013 10:46 AM, richard.a.vickery@... wrote:

      Does anybody know if St Helena has police records available? Apart from being a stop over point, was St Helena a party to convict transportation to the colonies of Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland?


      My ancestor John Francis Young b 1835 seems to have vanished from St Helena as a young person and popped up as a man in his late thirties in the Australian Goldfields of Victoria. We have exhausted all standard avenues like passenger lists etc. I have even looked at convict registers. He may have been a stowaway or a steerage passenger?


      Any clues as to where I should now look?



      ---In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, <ecstorey@...> wrote:

      The East India Register & Directory for 1829 (Inadia Office & Burma office list) as found on Google Books for 1829, page 361 lists James Youd and John Youd.
      It also lists 3 youngs: Stephen, a farmer; Amoret, a carpenter; and Geo, a carpenter.  It is possible one of these is related to the Youngs.  Also the YON is close to the Youd.  I have found many instances of spelling changes in old records. 
      There are other years listed in Google.  I have a copy of this page, 361 and can scan & share it if there is a problem getting to see it directly.
      Ed of Falcon

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