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  • Quintin Rooza
    Oct 1, 2013

      Hi All


      Maybe someone has information that they can share. Rooza is a fairly rare surname and I’m trying to establish where it originates from and at the same time also to establish my family tree. I have found family recently in Canada, whom have migrated there (Canada) from South Africa decades ago. They told me that the Rooza’s was at some point was living on St. Helena (but could not give details as they also do not know the full history). Later years they moved from St Helena to Cape town (don’t know when). If I could find out from where they originally came from and their names it will give me another lead as to where to focus my research towards.


      My great great Grandfather is believed to Samuel Rooza. I’m not sure if it was him that was on St. Helena or earlier generations.


      Any information would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you.





      Quintin Rooza