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1896Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St. Helena's Connection with New Orleans, Louisiana in 1866

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  • Leonard Meek
    Sep 19, 2013
      Terri, I've spent a little time looking through the newspaper files at the library but haven't found much other than probate listings. These did help me to find out where my g-g-grandfather was burried. At Iolani Palace archives I found the records of his citizenship and marriage, and his will and a bunch of letters. At the Bureau of Conveances I found the records of his land holdings. After he died, his former business partner sent his daughter, my g-grandmother, to Pennsylvania, along with his own children, to attend school at Mt. Pleasant Seminary. That was 1859.
      There's a lot of Cruz and Dela Cruz families here, as well as Portugese. They might be related to you.
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      Subject: RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St. Helena's Connection with New Orleans, Louisiana in 1866

      Hello Leonard,

      Thank you, Leonard, for the info and help. I have suspected my great great grandfather came on a whaling ship or even as a slave or prisoner. I have always been told my father's family were Hawaiian Portuguese.  From what I have read about St Helena Island, this could very well be the case.

       Do you know of whaling ship, prisoner, slave or any other lists of peoples coming from St Helena Island or going to Hawaii that I could research? The only name I have for my great great grandfather is "Monday Cruz". The newspaper article I referred to in my previous post was about "Monte Crewes" So these will be the names I plan to search first. Who knows, maybe our ancestors came to Hawaii together. 

      Good luck with your searches, and hope to hear from you again.


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      Subject: Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St. Helena's Connection with New Orleans, Louisiana in 1866


      Hi Terri. My g-g-grandfather also came from the Island of St. Helena. He was a sailor on a whaling ship and settled here in Honolulu under the name of Magnett, but his original name was apparently Maggott or Magott. Others may have changed Maggott to Macket or even Margate. Verification of names was pretty sketchy in those days. He became a Subject of the Crown of Owyhee in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) in 1844 and married my g-g-grandmother in 1845. He worked for or was in business with a local business man until his death in 1859. It's pretty definite that the family was from St. Helena, but I'm interested in where they came from before that. Records show that they were "Honorable Company slaves," as opposed to domestic slaves, and they were litterate. If your ancestor came to Honolulu as a sailor, it may have been on a whaling ship.
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      Subject: RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St. Helena's Connection with New Orleans, Louisiana in 1866

      Hello Linda and St. Helena Genealogy Group,

      I would appreciate any enlightenment on this matter, too. I also have only one record, the 1910 Honolulu Census, showing my great great grandfather was from St Helena. I have also looked over several sources to determine which St Helena he could have come from and have found nothing positive. I did find newspaper articles in 1906 about an "old darky sailor from St Helena" and "a native of St. Helena"who died at about age 62 near Honolulu and whose name was spelled like my relatives apparently sounded, but have found nothing to confirm which St. Helena or the person through any variations of spellings. This date suggests he was born about 1844. I have attempted to search English, Australian, South Carolina, Louisiana and St Helena records forthis person and have found nothing.  I am completely baffled, too. Perhaps I am simply looking under the wrong name, perhaps I am loking under the wrong St Helena. I do know I definitely need more information.  I would like to know where my relatives came from, why they left, what brought them to Hawaii, is that where they went first,  what routes and  means they may have traveled, why they stayed, did any go back, what happened to their other relatives, the ones they left and the ones they brought if any? I would also appreciate any historical help on this matter. 

      Terri A. Sager

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      Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 20:27:16 +0000
      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St. Helena's Connection with New Orleans, Louisiana in 1866


      I have finally decided to write my family's journey form St. Helena in the South Atlantic to New Orleans, LA. The online class that I am taking to help me write my story suggests to use historical information in the narrative. My St. Helena - Hopkins and Coley (Cooley) family arrived before 1870 in Louisiana. I just don't know what compelled them to choose New Orleans. I know that one male relative left St. Helena and ended up in Connecticut and Rhode Island. What brought him to that area? As far as I know, I think the man in question left his wife and a few kids behind in St. Helena. I understand that he moved on to Australia in the 1900's!!

      Last night I was going through one of the US historical newspaper sites that I subscribed to and I was amazed at the number of articles in the New Orleans Times Picayune about the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic in the 1860s!!!! Mind you, in the United States - there is a St. Helena parish in Louisiana, a St. Helena, Montana, a St. Helena, South Carolina and even a St. Helena, California. However, all the articles that I found in the New Orleans Times Picayune were about the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic. Some were about the depressed economy in the 1860's and a lot were about comparing Napoleon's exile to the Confederate general - Jefferson Davis!!! (Were the St. Helena folks following the Civil War activity in the US in the 1860s???)

      In my story about my family, I want to include some historical info and I do know that with the opening of the Suez Canal in the 1860's and the closing of the British Naval base on St. Helena, people were leaving the island due to economic reasons. I want to find out why my family decided to travel in 1860 to New Orleans and what were the reasons???? The articles in the New Orleans newspapers implies that there was some connection between New Orleans and St. Helena. Sure, I read all about the attempt to save/rescue Napoleon from St. Helena that was originated in New Orleans in the 1830's. The house intended for Napoleon exists today in New Orleans as a tavern. However, my Coley (Cooley) and Hopkins relatives left the island in the 1860's? Napoleon died in the 1830's!!!!

      Why did my relatives choose New Orleans over St. Helena! How did they afford to get to New Orleans. The New Orleans papers described St. Helena in the 1860s as having the perfect weather and a great place to visit!!!! Why was this important to people living in New Orleans, Louisiana!!!

      If any of you are historians, please shed some light on this matter. I am so baffled!

      I would greatly appreciate any information!

      Linda Mehlinger

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