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1835Lind of Tristan Da Cunha

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  • Irene
    May 24, 2013

      I am researching Clara Lind who married Thomas Jones in Hobart in 1861. Clara was born on Tristan da Cunha in 1845. (Stated in orphanage, 2 x marriage, death records)

      According to Hobart orphanage records of Feb 1851 Clara is daughter of Mrs C Lind, father deceased.

      Shipping records show Mrs C Lind arriving from Tristan Da Cunha in Feb 1851 on the whaler 'Bengal'. Captain Phillips, of the Bengal, explains that he found the widow Mrs Lind and her family "in great destitution" and brought her to Hobart to secure aid for her. Her family consisted of herself, daughters Lucinda, Agnes, Clara and Margaret, sons James, John and David. I have not located Mrs Lind or sons John and David after their arrival in Hobart.

      A book titled 'The Utmost Parts of the Earth' by a Rev William F Taylor describes the settlement of the island and how five single men arranged to have wives brought for them from St Helena. Some of these wives already had daughters, I gather.

      The same book describes the arrival on the island of a deserter from a whaler ship. This man was not accepted by the inhabitants and eked out a life of semi-exile, his presence accepted by some but not others. According to that book he was not allowed to trade with ships which passed by.

      The book says he married a daughter of one of the St Helena wives and they had children. He was found dead on 29 Mar 1850 and was believed to have ended his own life.

      This book then states "His worthless partner soon after went away with her children in a whale-ship bound to Hobart Town."

      This woman has to be my Mrs C Lind.

      Is this story known to anyone on this list? I am hoping to find a name for this lady and find out more about her, also about her husband.

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