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1831SS Great Britain - 1852 visit to St Helena

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  • Paul & Claire Connor
    May 22, 2013

      Dear All,


      I am a University researcher looking at the passengers who travelled from Liverpool to Melbourne on the SS Great Britain's first voyage to Australia in 1852.  As many of you probably know, the ship was en route to Cape Town when she had to return to St Helena for emergency refuelling. I am interested in exploring the knowledge of folk on this mailing list for any further material about this incident. 


      I have copies of the ship's newspaper, Great Britain Times, and one copy of the St Helena Advocate from the incident, plus some coverage in British and Australian newspapers (hours of trawling through Trove and the British Library archive .....), plus accounts from the few passenger diaries and letters that have survived. However, I am aware that there is possibly other material out there still in private hands, particularly accounts of the ship's unexpected visit by Islanders themselves. Does anyone have any material connected to SS Great Britain's visit - newspaper cuttings, letters, diary accounts etc etc - from their St Helena family, and that I could see a copy of? Happy to pay any copying/postage costs involved.


      With my thanks,


      Claire Connor, University of Bristol, hicjc@...