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1828Re: Captain in St Helena Regiment 1850

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  • Ed Storey
    May 15, 2013
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      Thank you to all of those who replied to my post.  The Captain had been posted to Mauritius for 15 years in the 29th then the 12th regiment of foot.  He became unattached 9 June 1848 and was posted to St Helena 21 June 1850.  He had a couple of daughters by this time and was almost 40.  I don't know if he stopped in St Helena on the way back to England or the exact details of his family.  The 1861 census  indicated there was another daughter born in Carlow, Ireland about 1849, but I have no corroboration. 
      I am trying to determine where the family was during his St Helena posting.  there were 2 or 3 daughters (one might have died) and I can not find any of them in the 1851 UK census, so they might not have been in England. 
      I am wondering if there are any newspaper records from the time, that might have mentioned the family.
      Ed Storey
      Falcon, CO