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1821Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Checking your address

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  • Andrew Moss
    Apr 9, 2013
      Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Checking your address
      Dear Roger,

      Thanks for your new address details – will send something today.

      In terms of Moss findings around the South Is (and you will know most of this already):

      • ChCh museum – Wendy Moss said
      • Lyttleton – FJ Moss was a merchant there when arriving from St H
      • Dunedin Museum – FJ was a minister for finance I think in the Provincial Govt and very involved in funding of the Otago rail network – several Moss siblings lived there from St H from the 1860s – including GW
      • Greymouth – home to GW and GT – and others – there is a Moss St / Rd – and a Moss firm there was still going in the 1980s
      • Nelson – the willows on the Matai river are said to be from St H – as are those on the Avon

      For ChCh Wendy Moss in one of her emails said:

      I have a story written by my great great uncle fred in the 1930's about life on St helena and their houses.  In the story he says his paternal grandfather (I assume is Isaac) was the resident director of the Old East India Company.  Among papers he found was an old parchment signed by the Great Rabbi Herschell, authorising his grandfather to perform all the duties of a Rabbi at St Helena.  He handed this over to  the Museum at Christchurch NZ.  They had many Napoleonic relics at one time, an Venetian pickle bottle was given to the museum.

      For Greymouth – an email from the National Library said:

      Greymouth Burgess Roll 1874
      Moss George William Commission Agent House Chapel Street
      Moss George William Commission Agent Store Tainui Street

      1881 electoral roll
      Greymouth 1028 Moss George William Residential Greymouth Commission Agent

      Greymouth Burgess Roll 1888
      East Ward
      Moss George W Chapel Street
      Middle Ward
      Moss George W Tainui Street

      1893 electoral roll
      Grey electorate
      Entries for surname Moss
      Moss Edith May Grey teacher residential
      Moss George  William Grey auctioneer residential
      Moss George Thomas Grey clerk residential
      Moss May Elsie Grey lady residential
      Moss Susan Martha lady residential

      I think there is a GW jnr and snr.

      GW Moss was the first elected mayor of Greymouth.

      GW snr had two sons I think – Harry and George. Harry Walter Moss is my great grandfather.

      Last time I looked I was never certain how GT Moss was related.

      Perhaps you will find something more in your travels?

      Have a great trip and stay in touch.

      All the best,
      Andrew Moss

      On 10/04/13 5:39 AM, "Roger Knights" <nzdanenz@...> wrote:
      Hi Andrew,

      That sounds great. I happen to have a copy of the book, but look forward to the rest. HAve changed address to

      21 Arran St
      Auckland 0600

      Hope all is well. I am in Sth Is now on a tour in our campervan. 2.4 degrees frost this morning. I recall you said there were some items in museum at Christchurch, but suspect they are in storage after the earthquake. Anywhere or anything else I could look for? Am going to Greymouth and will look up the Moss history there.



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      On 9/04/2013, at 11:26 PM, "Andrew Moss" <andrewmoss@...> wrote:


      Dear Roger,

      Just checking that your PO Box address in Orewa is the same still – I have a details at work.

      I am going to send you copies of papers I brought back when in Rarotonga last year – they are on FJ Moss - who was British Resident there – letters he wrote to the Governor of NZ and a history book entitled ‘Years of the Pooh Bah’.

      I’ve only skimmed them so far - but very interesting from the bits I’ve read.

      Hope all is well,


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