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  • niravah
    Apr 20, 2005
      Hi, I am new to this group and want to research my maternal ancestry in
      St Helena.
      My mother is now 85 and left St Helena with much of her family to live
      in UK after the war. I want to find out about my great grandmother
      Sophia Neilson. She married Neilson (a sailor who visited the island I
      think) only after she'd had 4 daughters including my grandmother Lilly.
      I want to find out who was the father/father of these daughters. I
      think Sophia's maiden name was Corker, as my nan (who never married)
      was Lilly Corker. My grandmother was born in or around 1895 - so I'd
      need to find records of births certificates from around 1880 (which
      should contain the father's name).

      Anyone have any suggestions or information?


      Sally Hepplewhite
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