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1762Finding St Helenians who settled in Natal

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  • artoriousellis
    Mar 3, 2013
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      Dear Members,
      I have recently had great success in finding many of my relatives who settles in Natal from 1874 onwards (namely Durban & Pietermaritzburg)by using the "BROWSING" feature on familysearch.org I will explain further & at which parishes I had the most success.Do as Follows:
      1 www.familsearch.org
      2 Go to the BROWSE section below the search section & click on AFRICA
      3 Go to South Africa Church of The Province of South Africa Parich Registers
      4 Go to Browse through 355,157 images
      5 Go to South Africa
      6 Go to Natal
      7 Now you can select diocese town or parish. I recommend the following to start
      7a Natal Durban St Paul
      7b Natal Pietermaritzburg St Peter & St Saviour
      7c Natal Pietermaritzburg St Peter

      One can try any of the other parishes that you suspect that your ancestor may have lived near.It is a lon process but very rewarding.They are original documents & can be downloaded & or printed.In order to shorten the process of searching one can insert a number in the image block to take you further on as all the records are in chronological order.
      I hope this helps to those who have lost relatives in Natal.
      Good luck