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1754RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Saul Solomon watchers

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  • foxhome
    Feb 12, 2013

      Frank, They are in the British Library,

      If you want to search the indexes, first go to the National Archives website http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ and search for say ‘St Helena muster’ and then click on the link. It will direct you to the British Library site. The musters are in bound volumes  indexed under IOR/L/MIL/13/1-14 eg from 1789 to 1859. The early ones just give Company, name and rank but after 1813 they also give the name of the ship they arrives on, where they came from, previous occupation, age. Unfortunately  if you check succeeding listings, the info is not always the same! Presumeably it was transcribed and they were a bit sloppy about it. Anyway, hope this helps a bit!




      ·  Nominal and Muster Roll of the St Helena Artillery... IOR/L/MIL/13/6

      1st-4th Art, 1st-4th Inf, 31 Dec 1806; 1st-4th Art, 1st-5th Inf, 30 Sep 1807; 1st-4th Art, 1st-6th Inf, 31 Dec 1807 1st-4th Art, 1st-5th Inf, 31 Mar 1808; 1st-4th Art, 1st-6th Inf, Field Officers, Cdctrs of Stores, 30 Jun 1808 1st-5th, Art, 1st-5th Inf
      Date: 1806 - 1812 Source: Access to Archives (A2A): not kept at The National Archives




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      Where did you find the Muster Lists?

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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Saul Solomon watchers



      Anyone with an interest in Saul Solomon may be interested to learn of his time in the St Helena infantry regiment.




      31 Sep 1798 Grenadier Co. commanded by Maj. Thomas Greentree

      Private Saul Solomon


      31 Dec 1798 Grenadier Co. commanded by Maj. Thomas Greentree

      Private Saul Solomon


      31 Mar 1799  Grenadier Co. commanded by Col. Francis Robson

      Private Saul Solomon


      30 Sep 1799  Grenadier Co. commanded by Capt. Francis Seale

      Private Saul Solomon


      30 Apr 1800 Corporal Saul Solomon transferred to 5th Company commanded by Capt. J Desfountain


      30 Jun 1800 5th Company commanded by Capt. J Desfountain

      Corporal Saul Solomon


      30 Sep 1800 ditto



      31 Dec 1800 ditto



      March 1801 muster list is missing – no further mention of Saul Solomon in June or subsequent muster lists.











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