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1724forthcoming book: Trevor W. Hearl, 'St Helena Britannica: Studies in South Atlantic Island History'

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  • A.H.Schulenburg
    Jan 20, 2013
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      In an act of shameless self-promotion, I'd like to alert list members to a forthcoming book on St Helena which I have just edited:
      Trevor W. Hearl, St Helena Britannica: Studies in South Atlantic Island History (London: Society of Freinds of St Helena, 2013)
      See below for the table of content.
      Even if your ancestors aren't mentioned, if you like local colour and some good stories, then do pick up a copy.
      Alexander Schulenburg
      Editor’s Preface
      About the Author (By the Author)
      Chapter 1 - The Age of Discovery and St Helena’s ‘Man in the Moon’
      Chapter 2 - The Troubles of a 17th Century Surgeon: Francis Moore of St Helena
      Chapter 3 - St Helena’s Forgotten Frenchmen: The Huguenot Wine Project
      Chapter 4 - A Fortress Image: The Lambert-Scott Portrait and its Plagiarists
      Chapter 5 - East Indiamen via St Helena
      Chapter 6 - St Helena’s Pioneer Telegraph System
      Chapter 7 - The Southern Whale Fishery: St Helena Rendezvous, 1780-1930
      Chapter 8 - How Secure was St Helena in 1815?
      Chapter 9 - Sir Hudson’s Headache: The Governor, The Admiral, and Supplies for St Helena
      Chapter 10 - ‘Derby Days’ at Deadwood: Highlights of Horse Racing at St Helena
      Chapter 11 - A Curious Coincidence?: Catherine Younghusband and the Obins Memorial
      Chapter 12 - Saving Napoleon’s Soul at St Helena: “What Happened at Mason’s Stock House”
      Chapter 13 - Saul Solomon of St Helena, 1776-1852
      Chapter 14 - Richard Prince/Samuel Hopewell & Co., St Helena Merchants
      Chapter 15 - Darwin’s Island
      Chapter 16 - St Helena’s Social Revolution, 1834-1869: The Evidence of the Brooke-Scott Letters
      Chapter 17 - The Melliss Family and the Oakbank Letters
      Chapter 18 - Consuls and Consular Agents at St Helena
      Chapter 19 - Longwood Observatory
      Chapter 20 - Commodore Perry at St Helena in 1853
      Chapter 21 - Baptists Pioneers of St Helena
      Chapter 22 - St Paul’s Cathedral, St Helena: An Architectural Footnote
      Chapter 23 - Some ‘Anglo-Indian’ and Other Memorials at St Helena
      Chapter 24 - Insects and Origins
      Chapter 25 - Forlorn Fortress
      Chapter 26 - St Helena’s Pioneer Photographer: John Isaac Lilley
      Chapter 27 - The Rise and Fall of James Francis Homagee, 1846-1919
      Chapter 28 - When Penal Reform was on Trial at St Helena
      Chapter 29 - St Helena as a Coaling Station: A Summary of Evidence
      Chapter 30 - In Search of the St Helena Magazine
      Trevor Hearl: A Select Bibliography