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172thomas family history

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  • jean thomas
    Mar 20, 2005
      hi, my name is jean thomas iwas born and live in england.my parents came to england just after the 2nd world war.they were both born on the island,sadly my mum died here,but my father aged 83 is still here.he is donald arthur thomas and was born in jamestown onthe 7th of febuary 1923.his mum and dad were arthur thomas and matilda may herne.my mum was born 27th of december 1926 in halftree hollow to arthur valentine and lillian miriam herne.they were married on the 23rd of april 1949,in the cathedral church of st pauls.i would like any information anyone might have,or if anyone knew them,also i have no photo,s  of them from their early years. I look forward to hearing news. thank you. 

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