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171Pantaleon Guerra b. 1846

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  • aproudmomo4
    Mar 15, 2005
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      I recently found info that may pertain to my great great
      grandfather. According to familysearch.org's Pedigree Resource
      Files, Pantaleon Guerra, son of Francisco Guerra and Rosa Rodrigues,
      was born on the Atlantic Island of St. Helena about 1846. At some
      point, they ended up in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where on August 1 1863,
      he married Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez, daughter of Simon Gonzalez
      and Barbara Garza. A lot of my ancestors were from Spain and
      Portugal, if this is my greatgreat grandfather, I'd sure like to
      know how his family ended up on the island...perhaps his father was
      a Portuguese sailor??? Also does anyone know if there were, in fact,
      ships that left the island bound for ports in Mexico during the mid
      1800's??? Thanks a bunch.