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1608Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Toby, The Slave

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  • Shaun Paulsen,
    Nov 5, 2012
      Thank you for your rapid response. It is now 10:33pm in South Africa and I just completed a very in depth research on Napoleons and Betsy's memoirs.

      The search lingers on.

      Kind regards.

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      On 05 Nov 2012, at 10:00 PM, Caroline Gaden <cagaden@...> wrote:

      > Hello Shaun
      > Toby is depicted in a picture showing the meeting of Napoleon with the
      > two Misses Balcombe ... it was in a painting called Napoléon à L'ile Ste
      > Hélêne by artist Edouard -August Villain.
      > The original is apparently hanging in the Château de Malmaison et
      > Bois-Préau near Paris.... there are many web sites selling copies of it
      > as a poster of the Balcombe girls meeting the Emperor (about £25-£30
      > seems to be the going rate.)
      > I'm sorry I can't help with any details of Toby or his family, nor the
      > servant/slave who accompanied the family to England....
      > Lowe's paranoia about the Balcombe's friendship with Napoleon continued
      > even after they had left the Island (in March 1818). The Balcombe's had
      > taken with them to England one of their servants, a local woman born on
      > the Island. A year later she decided to return to her home on board the
      > HEIC ship "Larkins". It was noted that the "Larkins" arrived having on
      > board a black female servant of Mr Balcombe. This poor inoffensive woman
      > had, it appeared (through attachment to Mr Balcombe's family)
      > accompanied them to England, a crime you may suppose of no small
      > magnitude in the eyes of Sir Hudson Lowe. Innocent, however, as the
      > conduct of this harmless old creature was, the officers and men of the
      > "Larkins" were doomed to suffer the greatest inconvenience for their
      > humanity in giving her a passage to her native country. They were not
      > permitted to land for two days in consequence in having her on board nor
      > were the restrictions placed on them removed until the most
      > inquisitorial examination before Sir Thomas Reade took place of this
      > unoffending woman's person, papers and baggage. (Letter from St Helena
      > Sept 1819)
      > I mentioned various slaves in my earlier post, see below, but that is
      > all the information I have found, sorry I can't be of more help
      > All the best
      > Caroline
      > from family of William Balcombe of "The Briars"
      > On 6/11/2012 5:25 AM, shaun wrote:
      >> Hi Everyone
      >> I may have found the missing TOBIAS family from St Helena. Look at the
      >> following mail:
      >> "According to the India Office Family History Search pages Mr and Mrs
      >> (William) Balcombe had several slaves during the time frame 1805-1818:
      >> Priscilla slave of Mr Chamberlain married George Christopher, slave of
      >> Mr Balcombe .Richard William and Ann, slave to Mrs Balcombe had three
      >> children baptised, Charles William, James Henry and Sarah Martha. Robert
      >> was a son born to Mary, slave to Mr Balcombe and there was also the
      >> slave Toby, their gardener who was a favourite of Napoleon. None of them
      >> were born after 25 Dec 1818 (when children were born free) so all were
      >> still slaves after that date. Please can you advise if these people were
      >> accorded the dignity of their own surnames? Are there any descendents
      >> still left on the Island?
      >> Many thanks
      >> Caroline"
      >> Toby is short for TOBIAS and a sketch that appears with the "gardener
      >> slave appears with Napoleon. The resemblance to a living relative is
      >> remarkable!!!
      >> I need for information on TOBY...where he come from, ship records... he
      >> was Christened 19th December 1802 (Where & Which Church)...any siblings
      >> born to him...when he died...where he is buried. etc.
      >> Please HELP any you have any information.
      >> Shaun Paulsen
      >> +2784 631 7487
      >> shaunpaulsen@... <mailto:shaunpaulsen%40yahoo.com>
      >> skype: sspaulsen11
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