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1606Toby, The Slave

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  • shaun
    Nov 5, 2012
      Hi Everyone

      I may have found the missing TOBIAS family from St Helena. Look at the following mail:

      "According to the India Office Family History Search pages Mr and Mrs (William) Balcombe had several slaves during the time frame 1805-1818:
      Priscilla slave of Mr Chamberlain married George Christopher, slave of Mr Balcombe .Richard William and Ann, slave to Mrs Balcombe had three children baptised, Charles William, James Henry and Sarah Martha. Robert was a son born to Mary, slave to Mr Balcombe and there was also the slave Toby, their gardener who was a favourite of Napoleon. None of them were born after 25 Dec 1818 (when children were born free) so all were still slaves after that date. Please can you advise if these people were accorded the dignity of their own surnames? Are there any descendents still left on the Island?
      Many thanks

      Toby is short for TOBIAS and a sketch that appears with the "gardener slave appears with Napoleon. The resemblance to a living relative is remarkable!!!

      I need for information on TOBY...where he come from, ship records... he was Christened 19th December 1802 (Where & Which Church)...any siblings born to him...when he died...where he is buried. etc.

      Please HELP any you have any information.

      Shaun Paulsen
      +2784 631 7487
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