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16Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: Baumann family and Napoleon

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  • Amanda Jermyn
    May 16, 2004
      Dear Colin,
      I find it so fascinating that you have the same story in your family! There are Pritchards on my family tree, related to my Baumann ancestors by marriage, so it is possible that the story comes from them. Reginald van Breda Pritchard married Josephine Leviseur, daughter of Sophie Baumann and Moritz Leviseur. The Leviseur and Baumann families lived in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and came before that from Kassel, Germany. Both families had moved with Napoleon's armies from Alsace, France to Kassel prior to that. Reginald and Josephine Pritchard had two children, Betty and Anthony. I have no information about their descendents. However, I'm going to ask my cousin, James Bond, about this because I think he told me once that his mother had a good friend or relative called Betty Pritchard. Josephine Leviseur was born in 1885, probably in Bloemfontein. It is possible that her husband, Reginald Pritchard came from St. Helena. I have no information about him but am copying this email to various Baumann relatives in the hope that someone knows more than I do about this branch of the family. It is such a unique story that I feel there has to be some connection!
      Thanks also for letting me know that you found no references to any Baumanns in the Who's Who of St. Helena and other island references. I don't know in what capacity our ancestors served. My cousins Laurie and James Bond told me only that they accompanied Napoleon, as well as the story of the family dining room table being commandeered for Napoleon's coffin because of a shortage of suitable wood on the island.
      With kind regards,

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      Amanda, I was interestd to hear of your story of the family table
      being used for Napoleon's coffin as I also have this story in my
      family. I am descended from Capt James Bennett who was in the East
      India Company Service during Napoleon's exile. He lived at Chubb's
      Spring from 1814 when he arrived on the island to 1826 when he
      purchased Maldivia, the adjoining estate, which then belonged to Col
      Hodson. James Bennett died in 1835 but the house remained in the
      family until 1890.
      The Pritchard family (who lived at Cambrian House) also claim to have
      had their dining room table used for Napoleon's coffin. There is a
      link between these families as David Kay Pritchard was married to
      Martha Hodson, Col Hodson's sister, and their daughter Dorothy
      married James Bennett's son, George. There seems to be a tie up
      somewhere. Do any of these names appear in your family tree?

      The St Helena Who's Who which records , amongst other things, a list
      of all Napoleon's staff at Longwood and all the main families on the
      island including all the officers of the garrison (British Army and
      East India Company) has no mention at all of a Baumann. Do you know
      in what capacity your ancestor came to the island? I have certainly
      never come across the name before in my researches. The closest is
      Balmain, the Russian representative.


      Colin Fox

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