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1585Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: St. Helena Seale Family History Page - I found my Ancestors - thanks

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  • Christine & Craig Weaver
    Oct 28, 2012
      Hi my Seale cousins,

       My name is Christine Weaver(Bell) and my Seale connection is through my Great Grandmother Lucretia Adelaide Rogers who had Seales on her maternal and paternal side, namely Penelope Seal and James Seal, so I am related to the first Seale on the Island Benjamin Seale. Just wanted to say hi, I really love all the fascinating history and Colleen's wonderful Seale family site has been truly fascinating!

      Take care

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      Hello Lara,
      My sister-in-law is descended from Ellen Seale, abt 1870 on St Helena, who married an Irish soldier James Wood in Stoke Damerel. I've contacted Carolyn but drawn a blank on this lady. Emailing on the off chance you might know a connection.

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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Re: St. Helena Seale Family History Page - I found my Ancestors - thanks
      I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Alexander for mentioning the Seale Family History page


      I found this Web site while doing an internet search before you mentioned it. I even emailed the author and researcher Carolyn Colleen Eldredge and she responded to me. The funny thing is I did not go through all of the names manually. I just did a search on my great great grandfather's name and it did not turn up. Also, I had an incorrect birth year for him. I thought he was born later than he was. Today I received my great great grandfather's wedding certificate in the mail from England. This certificate has his father's name on it as well as his profession so I started to manually go through all of the names on the list and do an internet search. It turns out his father was Robert Francis Seale born in 1791. Unfortunately, Robert Francis did not have a happy end to his life. Luckily, his son Hamelin Trelawney Seale faired better.


      Now I really want to find the book "St. Helena 1502-1938" by Phillip Gosse published London 1938. I find the history of St. Helena to be extremely fascinating. I am glad that more of St. Helena's history is being digitized.

      Hope everyone is well.


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