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1558Family history Hudson Ralph Janisch

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  • Dorothy Baynham
    Sep 28, 2012
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      I am tracing my Baynham family history and would welcome any help with
      some details. I have found a lot of information about Hudson and his
      governorship online. Henry Baynham married Mary Ann Janisch in I think
      1881. I don't know where they married, and how or where Henry - a
      Royal Naval officer - and Mary met. Back in England they had 9
      children, one of whom was my Grandmother. Henry and Mary Ann were
      living with her in Dorset when they died in 1933, within a month of
      each other.

      Any information to 'flesh out the bones' will be much appreciated.

      With thanks

      Dorothy (Dottie) Baynham
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