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155Ascension 1673

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  • sindrewa
    Feb 26, 2005
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      I am just doing some research on a norwegian by the name of Frederik
      Bolling who visited St. Helena and Ascension in 1673. He wrote and
      published a book where there's alot of information from the days
      when the british captured Saint Helena from the dutch.

      This norwegian man was part of the dutch retourfleet that came from
      the East Indies, and a crewman on the ship Alphen. The Alphen, along
      with the admiral-ship Wapen van Veere and Europa was captured by Sir
      Richard Munden (1640 - 1680) aboard the Assistance in june 1673.

      The 369 dutch captives were brought to Ascension where they stayed
      16 - 17 june 1673. He mentions some more ships at Ascension which I
      thought maybe you people would know more about:

      Assistance (Munden's ship)
      Castel de Freyheid (a fire-ship, maybe the Castle)
      Loyal Subject
      "Meere Mathis" (Probably EIC-ship Mary & Martha)
      Barlet Castel
      Barnet Distant
      Bom Jesus (a portuguese ship - I know a portugese priest or friar
      was there this year)

      Bolling and the rest of the captives were as far as I know
      transported back to Europe, but I am not quite sure what happened to
      the others. Bolling managed to escape in Kinsale, Ireland, and from
      Kinsale he went on by foot to Dublin. From there he managed to get
      to London, Harwich, Den Bril and finally Amsterdam, from where he
      returned back to Norway.

      It's a long shot, but if any of you people know anything about the
      events in june 1673 - I'd be more than happy :)