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1534RES: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Corker Family

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    Aug 24 6:00 PM
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      Hi Tahna,
      According to my mothers handwriting records, Winifred Ethel Joshua, her
      mother, Edith Maude Joshua got married to Henry James Corker on 06/06/1933.
      Lately, when in Saint Helena, I got to meet my relatives and have a record
      of marriage of Sandra Ann Williams, b 23/01/1957 to Gary Corker, b 21/04/?
      (this is the only data I have.. I'd love to hear and know more about the
      Corker's. My file is on Ancestral Quest 11, aqz file type and I can share
      Renato Bueno Netto
      Rua Dom Alberto Gonçalves, 452 casa 1
      80510-340 CURITIBA, PR, Brasil
      Home phone # ++5541-3045-0351
      Mobile phine # ++5541-9121-0566

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      Hi Tahna

      I am a Corker by marriage and have a large family chart (I call it a
      chart because it is too big to be a tree) of the Corker family. I can
      send you a copy if you like and you can see where you fit in.

      Regards Christine Corker

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      I'm currently trying to trace my family's lineage back to St Helena. My
      grandfather's name is Albert Alexander Corker (born 1934, still
      living). His mother and father was of St Helena island, Thomas & Ethel
      Corker (maiden name unknown).

      We know that Thomas died when my grandfather was 11 years old, making
      it 1945, but we're not sure where. My grandfather moved to Cape Town
      where he grew up.

      If anybody knows of the Corker name, I'd love to hear from you!

      Tahna Sissing


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