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1518James Frederick Glanville

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  • bglanville@btinternet.com
    Jun 13, 2012
      This should be quite an easy question to answer.

      I am William James Glanville and I am seeking the fullest information on my father James Frederick Glanville.

      He was born on 26th January 1915 would be, if alive 93.

      I followed my mother (passwd away July 1972) to the U K in 1948.

      Over the past six months, I have sent emails to the various government offices on the island but no-one will confirm that a death certificate has been registered.

      I have a feeling that there was some bad feeling between both families at that time, but being just 11, I would not have understood.

      There must be someone on the island who knows about him.

      Finally, I had a Facebook message from a Muriel Gardiner. Unfortunately, my son did not recognise the name and deleted. If you are reading this Muriel, perhaps you could contact me on me email address.

      I can only hope and wait
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