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1506Minnie Millora Martin nee HUDSON Born 1870 on St. Helena

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  • cheza39
    May 8, 2012
      My great Grandmother - Minnie Millora Martin nee HUDSON Born 1870 on St Helana, married Phillip Louis MARTIN born 1865 (he was a French Huegenot).They emmigtrated to Cape Town. SA.

      Minnie's Father HENRY HUDSON born 1820 uk Joined brithish army 1838 - 1865 served in St. Helena.
      Minnie had a sister - Lizzie GOODALL, born 1860. Married H.S Goodall in UK
      She also nhad a brother Henry Hudson born in St. Helena 1868

      Would be gratefull for any information on Minnie or the family members mentioned here.
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