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1483The Knipe Family: Rupert,, Hilbourne, Reginald, Charlsina & Valerie.

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  • brkb20045
    Feb 25, 2012

      I have a friend Gertrude Evelyn Knipe who was born on Saint Helena in 1930. Her parents names were Humphrey John Knipe and Evelyn Elizabeth. Gertrude had 3 brothers - Rupert, Hilbourne & Reginald and 2 sisters - Charlsina & Valerie. They were bought up on the Longwood Avenue Farm and then moved to Huttgate. Gertrude came to live in England in 1950. She believes other members of her family also came to England. Due to circumstances Gertrude lost contact with her family but would love to be in touch again and find out more about her family history and whereabouts. We would be extremely grateful if anyone has any information.

      Many thanks, Valerie Mattiocco