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1444Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] A rapid pace of change

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  • Leonard Meek
    Nov 14, 2011
      Welcome to Waikiki, Caroline.


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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] A rapid pace of change

      > Hello listers
      > In recent weeks we have talked about landing on St Helena by ship. The
      > British government has agreed that an airport is to be built, signed the
      > contract, and annual visitor numbers are expected to go from 900 to
      > 30,000. Here is a comment from a friend who lives on the Island ....
      > there is obviously great fear about the rapid pace of change and
      > Islanders no longer being allowed to build houses for the family
      > members... it is a tradition on the island that young people, with help
      > of family and friends, build their own homes... most people have a
      > 'trade' used within the building industry even if it's not their 'main
      > job.'
      > All the best
      > Caroline
      > "WE are almost all apprehensive about the airport except for business
      > people, I suppose - everything is so unplanned, there are so many
      > conditions which have to be fulfilled in such a short time, indirect
      > taxation means the poorer members of the community suffer and now they
      > are trying to re-zone land, so that some 60 islanders cottages would go
      > into the Green heart and so prevent them building on their own land, for
      > children, while the Shelco hotel complex is allowed on 400 acres of
      > Green heart on a wirebird breeding site, beef cattle grazing, main water
      > source for the area and of course a Boer Camp site. Not only the hotel
      > and golf course but 175 villas!! (3-storey)
      > There is a lot of concern about the pace of change and soon we will have
      > 300 migrant workers descending to make a start, so we must make this
      > Xmas season special with our families as it will all change. I am really
      > depressed about it. I had hoped we could become a World Heritage Site
      > quickly to protect the island's uniqueness, but too late."
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