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  • benonioke
    Jul 12, 2011
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      I am pleased to announce the publication of my book-
      Taming the African Veldt THE ALEXANDERS OF ST HELENA AND SOUTH AFRICA 1515-2011 is a short history of a remarkable family from their humble origins in England, to their coffee farming on the South Atlantic island of St Helena for 200 years1670-1870. It covers the exploits of John Alexander as Secretary of the council, living through mutinies, murders and riotous conduct. It then tracks their gradual migration to the diamond and gold fields of South Africa, and their role in the discovery of gold and opening up the eastern frontier of the country to settlement. There is a particular focus on 2 leading ancestors, Fraser Frederick Alexander, Boer War officer, Rand pioneer and founder of a major company on the gold fields, and William Watkin Alexander, farmer and soldier. Many illustrious Alexanders are covered through 2 world wars and the gradual development of South Africa, in and easy and readable style that brings events up to the present day 2011.
      It can be previewed on the site below:
      Copies can be ordered on the site