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  • tania@mtsr.com.au
    May 22, 2011

      This is my first post. I am looking for any record of my great Grandmother, born on the Island of St Helena, not sure which town. Her Name was Mary Thomas (maiden name) She moved to Rhodeshia, not sure when? Married a German man Max Gladow, who was deported back to Germany. Then she moved to South Africa and married my Great Grand Father Peter Thomas Redmond (Irish Decent) Married in Johannesburg South Africa. She had 2 girls from Max Gladow, names unknown and then my grandmother was born ( 8 August 1917) from Peter Thomas Redmond, her name was Catherine Mary Redmond.

      I am despereatly looking for the parents of Mary Thomas, unfortunately I dont even have any dates to go on.
      Any information would be GREATLY appreciated

      Kind Regard
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