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1371Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Ancestry.Com

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  • Mars
    May 11, 2011
      I use Ancestry and have a hierarchy in my method of which data I use/trust when i see conflicts.
      For example, I prioritize Death Indexes over Census reports, because Death indexes have checked the info already, but a Census is all filtered through one guy walking from house to house and hopefully spelling stuff right and hopefully not being hard of hearing, or an illegible writer, LOL.  So I'd suggest devising your own systems of gathering data, noting conflicting info, and deciding which to take as Fact.
      ona move!  


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      It should be remembered that LDS data is not always reliable. Much of the data is submitted by individuals, with no documentation. I found info on my ancestors that was in error. It had been submitted by my aunt, based on what she thought at the time to be correct. Later documentation proved to be contrary to some of her assumptions. It pays to check multiple sources.
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      I would agree....LDS would be better than ancestry.com

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      Hello and I may have responded to the wrong message in an attempt to connect with you. I am in Annapolis and have "done" ancestry but found mor einformation in using the LDS library's microfilm to check birth and death dates for my Leo and Congdon family. There must be a Mormon library in Baltimore that can assist you. Cheers, B

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      Has anyone had any luck in finding ANY "St. Helena" type information on Ancestry.com? I had a trial subscription to their World website, but I could only find information on other British territories like the Channel Islands.

      Does anyone know if census data does exist for St. Helena during the 1840-1860's time frame?

      Baltimore, Maryland USA

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