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1354Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] DNA TEST

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  • Ray Forsberg
    Apr 8, 2011
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      Hi Linda,
      I am also in the "H" haplogroup - another daugher of Helena!  I was born in England of totally English and Irish stock;  the H haplogroup is the most common in Europe (about 47% of all Europeans are H);  the book "The Seven Daughers of Eve" by Bryan Sykes explains it very well.  He also makes the point that it is pointless trying to determine ethnicity through mitochondrial DNA in that we are a completely mixed bag;  there are seven main groups in Europe, but you will still find other groups popping up unexpectly all over the place.  The only way in which it may help is if you get an exact match to someone who has a good paper trail which points back to a particular ethnic group, and even then the common ancestor may be many generations ago.

      On 9 April 2011 00:49, Linda <msulab@...> wrote:


      Yes, I did see your pictures and they are great. They really capture the essence of St. Helena during that time period. I keep visualizing my relatives walking down some of those same streets in the photos.

      The DNA test I took was one that was offered by Genealogy.Com. It was a simple cheek swab test and basically gives back general information on where your ancestors (those from thousands of years ago) are from. My maternal mitochondrial DNA test came back showing my ancestors were probably from India )East Asia. I am part of the Haplogroup H - the Colonist. I thought this was strange since all we knew about my mother's grandmother was that she was from England. Now that I find out that she really was (I think)from St. Helena, it starts to make more sense.

      The test you took seems to be one that actually determines racial makeup. I have a friend who took that test and he actually was asked to appear on US TV since his results were not at all comparable to the race in which he was raised. I remember that this test is very expensive but was wondering if the price has decreased.

      I am still waiting to hear from the St. Helena Registrar to see if they have found any birth certificates or records.

      Take care,


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      > I would like to know about this test. I am intrigued.
      > Linda, What did the swab test tell you? My grandmother was a native of St Helena. Have you seen my pictures?
      > Regards,
      > Alan
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      > What genelogy blood test did you use? I have taken the "swab" test, but not the blood test and I am very interested in doing this since I discovered that I hav relatives who are from St. Helena.
      > Thanks,
      > Linda Mehlinger
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      > > Also,
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      > > I got a genealogy blood test done. I am 85% European and around 15% East Asian. The latter is defined as containing China, Japan, Korea and the Pacific Islands. It takes more than 30% genetic heritage to have a physical effect, hence, I look Caucasian. I reckon the East Asian element is from Fanny (Frances) Slater. Funnily enough my name is Francis and I am male.
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      > > I have been following with great interest the discussion on William Ridge and Fanny Thomas. I am also a descendant of William and Fanny, my 2x great grandmother was a daughter of William and Fanny.
      > > My 2x greatgrand mother is Grace Ridge born in 1814.
      > > Grace married Michael Minton and arrived in Australia late 1849.
      > > The list of siblings I have uncovered so far is as follows.
      > > Mary Ann Ridge b. 1813
      > > Grace Ridge b. 1814
      > > Elizabeth Ridge b. 1816
      > > William Ridge b. 1817
      > > Louisa Ridge b.1819
      > > Frances Ridge b. 1821
      > > Caroline Ridge b. 1822
      > > There may be more, as with all family history this is a work in progress.
      > > Thank you to members of the list who have provided information on William and Fanny, if anyone knows what happened to them ,has information on other family members or can send me in the right direct I would love to hear from you to compare or exchange information. I am happy to share what information I have on Grace and her family here in Australia.
      > > Elaine
      > >

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