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1307Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Ethnic origins of freed slave born in St Helena

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  • Ray Forsberg
    Mar 29, 2011
      Hi Amanda,
      Your best bet, unless you have a paper trail, which it seems you don't, is to do mitochondrial DNA testing.  Mitochondria are passed down by a mother to her children (both male and female) and this test is certain to give you a good idea as to where exactly your female line originated.  It will however not tell you exactly where your Sophia came from, but will give you your ancient female line origins.  It will also eventually lead to "matches" with other people, which may give you a lead as to where she came from.
      Read the book by Bryan Sykes "The Seven Daughters of Eve" - this will give you an understanding of how mitochondrial DNA testing can help.   It is also a very interesting read.  There is also heaps on line about mitochondrial DNA testing.  I have tested with Family Tree DNA (the oldest and most respecting DNA testing company).  There are three levels of testing, and it probably is best to do at least the HVR2 test, as this will give you more detailed information;  you can do the full sequence test, which costs about $289 US.  The other tests are much cheaper, but as I said, don't give you the very detailed results.
      Hope this helps.  If you need any further info, feel free to contact me.

      On 29 March 2011 09:46, <barryperrins@...> wrote:

      I am decended from the Bazetts of st Helena. I read your interesting email.
      I have a lot of infomaton on the bazett family from thier beginings on the Island in 1684. I have no records of Bazetts on the island in the 1800's even though I know some to still lived there
      . As such I've never heard of the Bazett you mention.
      It would be great for me if you could let me know the source of your info or any more Bazett details.

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