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1306Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Catherine Clingen, William Ridge and Fanny Thomas

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  • Frank Craig
    Mar 29, 2011
      Hi Andrew,

      Yes, I have dug into that area. Fanny was likely of Asian origin. The slaves on the island were either African, Indian or from Madagascar ( a hotch-potch of Africans, Asians and Indians, sailors and traders. I can say that she is likely Indian/East Asian (and not African) as I had a DNA genealogy blood test done and I was 85% European and 15% East Asian with 0% African.

      I have included all of this in the FamilyTreeMaker chart which I will print off and post today.

      Frank F Craig

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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Catherine Clingen, William Ridge and Fanny Thomas


      Hi Mary,
      Thank you very much for your message and the information about Elizabeth Ridge. The only reference I've come across so far to Catherine Clingen's mother is on her death certificate in 1912. Catherine herself was illiterate and it's unlikely that she had any written records with reference to her mother so it's quite possible that her daughter Georgiana, who was the informant on the death certificate, made a mistake and confused Reid with Ridge. It seems improbable that there were two William Clingens on St. Helena at the same time, each married to an Elizabeth. Catherine Clingen was born about 1838 by my reckoning so may well be the younger sister of William (b1832) and James Isaac (b1833). Is there no record of Catherine's birth or baptism?
      I've looked at the India office Records family history search website and I see that an Elizabeth Ridge was baptised on St. Helena on 31st March 1816. She was the daughter of William Ridge and Fanny, slave of John Slater. William and Fanny had a son William in 1817. Fanny was then described as free. Louisa was born in 1819, daughter of William Ridge and Fanny Thomas. William and Fanny (Frances in the marriage entry) married in 1820 and there were at least two more children: Frances in 1821 and Caroline in 1822.
      Thank you again for your help. You've certainly opened up another line of enquiry for me.
      Andrew Begernie

      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, Mary King <mary25656@...> wrote:
      > Hi I don't know if this is of any interest to you in your search for your family
      > history,but on the India Office Records family history search website,there are
      > some entries for Clingens,one showing a marriage between a William Clingen to
      > Elizabeth Ridge (I know you said the name was Reid),but maybe another
      > mis-spelling.date 29 March 1831.Williams status is listed as St.Helena Art.
      > Then an entry for a William Clingen birth 4th May 1832. baptism 10th June
      > 1832.then sadly burial 24th July 1832.parents William husbandman and Elizabeth.
      > Also an enrty for James Issac Clingen.birth 2nd Oct. 1833. baptism 31st
      > Oct.1833.same parents as above,and the same occupation for the Father.
      > I have no idea if these are any connection to your Clingens,but just thought I
      > let you know,good luck in your research.

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