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1291Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Devlins, Clingens & Reids

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  • Frank Craig
    Mar 22, 2011

      I am a descendent of Henry Devlin and Catherine Clinning/Clingan/Clairemont (etc - dependent on the scripter of the relevant birth and death certificate). I have the genealogy of Devlin/Clingan family going forward - as many of their descendents are now Scottish.

      They likely emigrated to Scotland as Saint Helena lost a lot of jobs/traffic due to the introduction of new ships that no longer had to stop off there to stock up on coal.

      I am happy to send over more information. There are a number of books on Saint Helena available on a Saint Helena website that could be useful


      Frank F Craig

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      I've just startewd researching my girlfriend's family history. According to family tradition one of her ancestors guarded Napoleon on St. Helena. This may just be a story but I have found a connection to St. Helena. Her great grandmother Alice Devlin was the daughter of Henry Devlin and Catherine Clingen, who were married on St. Helena on 2nd August 1856. According to information I've seen on this site they were both minors and Henry was a private.
      Henry Devlin was born in Ireland in about 1836. He was the son of John Devlin and Alice Rodgers. He died in Glasgow on 15th September 1893. He is described at various times as a steamship stoker, a dock labourer, a distillery worker and an army pensioner.
      Catherine Clingen was born on St. Helena in about 1840 and died in Glasgow in 1912. She was the daughter of William Clingen and Elizabeth Reid. According to Catherine's death certificate William was a soldier.
      Henry and Catherine had at least eight children
      1. Mary Ann. She was born on St. Helena in about 1860. She married James Thomson in Glasgow on 18th July 1879.
      2. Catherine. She was born on St. Helena in about 1863. She married Levi Girvan in Glasgow on 12th October 1883. They had at least two children, Catherine and Mary.
      3. Henry. He was born in Agra in India on 19th October 1866 and died in Glasgow on 15th April 1875.
      4. Alice. She was born in Glasgow on 24th April 1872. She married William McDermott and then William Walker. She died in Glasgow on 29th March 1942.
      5. Henrietta. Born in Glasgow on 16th June 1875.
      6. Henry. Born in Glasgow on 30th January 1878.
      7. Georgina. Born in Glasgow on 27th February 1881 and died on 30th April 1883.
      8. Georgina. Born in Glasgow on 26th May 1884.

      I'd be happy to supply more details if requested.
      Does anybody have more information about these families, particularly with regard to St. Helena? Did Catherine Clingen (the name is spelt in several different ways) have any siblings? Were her parents married on St. Helena? Does anybody have any information about Henry Devlin's army career? Can anybody recommend any books on the history of St. Helena, particularly with regard to the army in the first half of the nineteenth century? I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who is researching the same families or is able to let me know what resources are available to help me pursue my enquiries.

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