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125Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Digest Number 69

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  • rh_muller
    Jan 18, 2005
      Many thanks Mrs Dyson.My father actually posted the fruits of my
      original research on to me-about which I had entirely
      forgotten.Isaac was the son of a Charles Scott born in 1830 to Mary
      Scott,a freed slave, and Mary Ann Walker in 1858. As far as I can
      tell, they were freed slaves. I found a Charles Scott mentioned in
      the 1814 census but also a James Scott as a servant to Napoleon
      Bonaparte during his sojourn on the island. The question that arises
      is as to from where exactly the slaves that populated the island
      originated.I see that the Balcombe family had a Malay slave named
      Toby which leads me to suspect that a lot of the slaves were of
      Indonesian origin.Can anybody help out with this information.Jane
      Sophia Bennett was the illegitimate daughter of a Martha Bennett
      born in 1824-who was herself the daughter of Charles and Sarah
      Bennett -also free slaves.How did these ex slaves get names such as
      Scott and Bennett? Certainly, by the time my ancestors got to South
      Africa,they were classified as being white. Were they all the
      illegitimate offspring of slave owners or were they legitimate? Any
      help would be greatly appreciated.
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