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  • Nancy-Jo Nunez
    Jun 12, 2010
      Thanks for keeping the email group alive with activity.  I am posting my information on ancestors in hopes that someone can help me.  Here it is, thank you in advance.
      Frederick Samuel George was born on September 29, 1854 and his parents where listed on his death certificate in Providence, Rhode Island as Jacob and Catherine (I assume George was their surname).  I believe these were people of color, mixed mulatto, etc.  Frederick Samuel George immigrated to the US about 1870 and settled in Providence, Rhode Island where he married a woman named Robie Eldridge.  Frederick died May 13, 1919 in Providence, Rhode Island.  I have a copy of his death certificate certified from the Rhode Island State Archives. 
      I am looking to see if I can find a marriage of his parents, and any siblings possibly born to a Jacob and Catherine.  I'm unfamiliar as to any census records that may have been taken on the island and would like some help from the list or recommendations on ships' records, immigration records, etc. to help me complete this puzzle.  Thank you. 

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      Hi Chris
      I have a record of a Joseph Weston in 1823 which is around the time you are asking for. It may not be of any help but he is given as the owner of my forebear, William Smith, a slave who was married in St James Church on the island.

      I am going to the island in April next year, leaving from Cape Town, to follow up on a dream of mine, to see where my family came from

      Judith Armstrong
      Elwood Australia

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      > I see that there has been some more recent activity on the site, including some intriguing mentions of schools run by Mrs Weston and Henry Weston. I am thus re-posting an earlier message in the hope that that some of you might be able to help.
      > I am looking for some assistance in tracing my g-grandfather George Weston who married Annie Sim, nee Bagley in 1882 in St John's Church on the Island. He and his children (my grandmother plus her siblings) came to Cape Town in about 1891,but I am looking to connect George - born about 1857 or 1859 to the previous Westons on the Island. Charles Weston was Marshall and Jailer around 1821 at the time of Napoleon's imprisonment and I have traced his descendants for 2 more generations, but which of his descendants was George Weston's father I cannot
      > establish at present.
      > Regards
      > Chris Everett
      > Cape Town, South Africa

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