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  • Nancy-Jo Nunez
    Oct 2, 2009
      Thank you very much for sending that through.  I'll give that a try.

      From: John Gardiner <gardiner.john@...>
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      Karen Henry has recently taken on the role as Archivist on the island.  I've certainly found her to be very friendly and more than helpful.  I would recommend you contact her on the following email address - archives@sainthelen a.gov.sh.
      Best regards,
      John Gardiner 

      From: Dennis and Jenny <denbk@.... nz>
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      Yes I wrote to St Helena, paid I think £20, and over 6 months later got a reply.  I think there is only one archivist – when I enquired once I was 33rd on the list or something.





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      Has anyone ever written to St. Helena for research and received an answer?  I wrote over 3 years ago and got nothing.  Just wondering if anyone on this list has been successful.  Thanks.


      From: lessie <lester.palmer@ yahoo.co. uk>
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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist. ] Re: Yon family tree


      --- In st-helena-genealogy @yahoogroups. com, Rachel Hall <mimbza@...> wrote:
      > Jenny mentioned that there is a Yon family tree in her post. I am interested in how to get acces to this as I am trying to find the ancestors of Maria Yon (born about 1851) wife of William Twynham.
      > Thanks
      > Rachel
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      >Regarding James Richards: there is a record of a James Richards being
      a witness to the marriage of William Knipe, boatman, and Louisa Myra
      Yon on 5th May 1879.Is this my great-great grandfather? The other
      witness was Ruth Yon, who may have been married to one Thomas Bagley,
      another boatman. I mention this for two reasons: the first is that I'm
      not exactly sure what a boatman did, and secondly, because there is
      family lore which suggests that either James or, possibly his father
      was in the Royal Navy. It is also said in our family that there was a
      Red Richards, so called because of his red hair, again it is not clear
      if it was James or his father, but I suspect his father, as it was
      said that he was from Belfast. In addition, one of the two met a
      violent end in Marseille. I wonder if any of these details ring any
      bells with anyone else.

      Before writing my next post I hope to have some details regarding the
      Caswell connection. Look forward to any comments or suggestions.


      James Brookes

      Hi I dont know how far you got with yre research, I went back to this site, until 2006 and the family name you were looking for were mentioned a few timew, I was wondering did you look back on the previous year's reserach, I just copied and paste(d) a bit of what they mentioned about yre Yon Family tree,You might have seen it before
      Kind Regards


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