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105RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St Helena Artillery

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  • colin
    Nov 22, 2004

      I am attaching a couple of files that may help you. My computer is protected by Norton Internet security 2005 and was fully scanned after I installed this a few days ago. If you can read it OK, the word doc contains all the Bennett refs in the India Office records for St Helena. It also (I’ve just realized) has the same for Solomons as well. This may be of interest to recent correspondents.

      The excel file is a family tree that contains to the people mentioned. This was sent to me by John Bennett. His last ID I had was via jackie.bennett6@... or springbok@....

      He is also a descendent of this line of Bennett’s so may be worth contacting. Not sure if he is still a member of the forum


      Good luck



      Colin Fox




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      21 November 2004 20:30
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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] St Helena Artillery


          Does anyone know were there are any information,records,like
      pension, enlistment, etc,on the St Helena Artillery. I'm trying to
      find any records for a John Osborn(e) who married a slave
      called "Priscilla" on the 11th June 1825. Priscilla was a slave to
      Anthony Beale Esq.
          Plus I'm also trying to find any of the above records & informaion
      on a Morris Bennett who married a "Florella" who may have been a free
      slave. They were married on the 26th Dec 1820, Morris was also in the
      St helena Artillery, would there be any records of any kind of John
      Osborn(e) & Morris Bennett, they must have come from the UK? can any
      one be of help please?

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