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1036Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Thomas Henry Gardiner

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  • John Gardiner
    Jul 22, 2009
      Hi, Su, don't know if this helps but the archives on the island have a marriage certificate stating that Henry Gardiner, 28 yrs, a gunner for the Regiment and living at Ladder Hill, married Lydia Scott, a 23 year-old spinster, on the 19 sept 1893.
      I'm still tryin gto work out if or how this Henry Gardienr is related to my own Gardiner/Gardner family, but thought the Lydia Scott connection might help you, especially as Henry and Lydia had a son, Walter, and his grandchildren are still alive.  Barbara George is the head of HR in the Govt. of St Helena, while Malcolm Gardiner lives in the UK.
      Just hope this might give you a lead.
      Best regards,
      John Gardiner

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      I'm interested in the Scott family, do you know which Scotts that you are connected with?
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      Hi John,
      This is probably nothing to do with your family, but I have an Ann Payne in my tree;  she was born in 1823 in the E. Cape - parents were Elijah Payne and Mary Hall; they also had a daughter, Mary, b. 1818 in Deverill Longbridge, Wiltshire.  This family were 1820 Settlers. 

      On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 8:45 AM, gardiner.john@ rocketmail. com <gardiner.john@ rocketmail. com> wrote:

      Hello, everyone. I only found this group today, and looking through
      some of the posts it has already helped me with new information about
      my family.

      My name is John Gardiner, I live in London and I am the great-great
      grandson of Thomas Henry Gardiner who was born in St Helena in 1857.
      I am descended from Thomas through his daughter, my great-
      grandmother, Eleanor. My grandfather, Benjamin Wallace Gardiner Snr,
      kept his mother's surname.

      My family thought Thomas was from the Cape, though we knew of a
      distant family link to St Helena. It's believed in my family that
      one of Thomas's daughters, probably Louisa, returned to St Helena in
      the early part of the 20th Century. Also, my grandfather used to
      correspond with a relative on the island who lived above the post
      office. His name was Walter Gardiner and it is believed he was born
      in the Cape in 1895. His mother was from St Helena and it seems she
      died giving birth to Walter. He was then sent back to St Helena to
      live with his maternal family who were Scotts. Walter's grandson,
      Malcolm Gardiner, was born on the island and now resides in London.

      I was really pleased to see other descendants of Thomas Gardiner
      posting on this site and would like to contact them to share
      information. I have more information on Thomas Henry's history in
      Southwark, plus photos of Thomas, his wife Eleanor (nee Payne), my
      great-grandmother, Eleanor, and one of her sisters, believed to be
      Mabel. I'd like to find out more about the Gardiners, and would very
      much like to find out more about Thomas Henry's mother, Louise.

      I look forward to sharing more information with you.

      Very best regards.

      John Gardiner

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