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  • Pam Luna
    Jun 9, 2014
      Thank you Juan, and others who responded to my questions about circumcision. 
      I’m still baffled.  This morning, after the dust of a busy weekend settled, I found some other resources to read, thinking that they would reveal some special insight into the rite.  It seems out of character for God to demand this rite; a “sacred” rite which could be suspended (the forty years in the wilderness) one time and severely enforced at others.  Also seemingly non-sensical is that an infant be “branded” at the tender age of 8 days, without his wee little consent!  This should seem incongruent to a people as ardently opposed to baptism before the age of accountability as we are.
      In my brief studies on this topic I began to realize a couple of missing elements.  Number one, and most importantly, God by His divine fiat can and does bring whatever He wishes to the table.  He does not seek our approval, nor is He required to satisfy our unsanctified curiosity.  At that, I lay aside my quest to understand that which He has not given to be totally understood.
      However.  (Oh, that pesky word!).  I do take note that women are exempt from the special rite which distinguished a certain people in a certain frame of history from the heathen. I don’t mean to “start” anything, but this may mean that there are some things that we ladies, merely by the nature of things, not the same as men.  I know.  What a revelation.  Surely, even in our era of Women’s Rights, no female has ever desired to be THAT equal!
      Arghhh, the constraints of time.  I’ll be thinking about this concept today.
      From the beginning of the week,
      From: Juan Lithgow [ mailto:jocsharing@...]
      Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2014 4:01 AM
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      Subject: Re: SSNET: 10: Seedy Covenant
      Hello Pam

      Yours is certainly a thought provoking question. Although I did not have a ready-made answer, all of my beliefs came into action to find similarities, differences and purpose in order to arrive to the following explanation.

      God knows us all along because he is our creator. We get to know him by learning. We need to develop a relationship, although for different reasons, in order to coexist as friends/family. That is a beautiful characteristic he put in our inner self.

      In the beginning that relationship worked perfectly until it was spoiled by sin. Sin is a word the bible uses to describe lack of trust in God that generates many other problems including disobedience.

      If God and we are to reestablish a relationship, the most powerful party in the relationship (the one who knows all) needs a card of presentation in order to develop trust. That first rainbow was a promise, not a contract. As a matter of fact it was not the first attempt heaven made to provoke trust. It did not require an answer because it was some sort of unilateral covenant.

      Circumcision goes a little further in the development of that relationship. It needed a response from man; something personal involvement, intimate, permanent. It is another way of God saying: If you already trust me, show it by doing this ritual and that will be a sign that you are my people (he said to Abraham). I guess women were not included at that time, because as head of household man was culturally in a position to transmit that commitment to his family and every child in Israel at the proper age needed to embrace that commitment as the potential head of household for another family.

      Commitment by circumcision was as reliable as the word of man can be until Jesus, the true representative of the human race, developed on earth the relationship with God that we were supposed to embrace. We could not to become sinless by ourselves, but could have trusted God as he did with the obvious result of a life taken to its best under the circumstances.

      With Christ the covenant became perfect between God and man. If we want to be covered under that covenant, we need to be born again to become a child of God, in the name of Jesus. Every mentally capable human being needs to be born as a symbol of his commitment to a relationship with God. External rituals like baptism and the communion help to make public a decision that is inherently internal. The bible refers to this commitment as the circumcision of the heart.

      In the end, it always was always a matter of trust anyway we want to look at it


      Juan O. Calderon Lithgow

      On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 11:32 AM, Pam Luna <PumaProper@...
      > wrote:
      SS Net friends,
      Because my sense of curiosity regards a subject trumps my concern for appropriate discussion, I’m just going to jump right in there and ask my my question.  So here it is, complete with caveat: God made a bow of colors in the heavens to remind us of His promise never again to destroy the earth with water.  Beautiful, free, not painful, and there for all to see.
      Within this context the quarterly author introduces another covenant; that of circumcision.  Can anyone explain to me, Why circumcision?  I muse not in disrespect for the Almighty, but this seems to me an unreasonable thing for Him to ask of His people.  What purpose does the deed fulfill?  No one but the man and his wife will (or should) know if he is circumcised, so it can’t be a a “signâ€Â to outsiders identifying ing him as an Israelite.  If there is an allegorical application, I’ve missed it.  The practice is not ot beautiful (ask any 8-day old baby), it is not “freeâ€Â if shed blood was was involved, it is painful, and it is not a “signâ€Â for all to see, as was was the ear-piercing of faithful servants (Exodus 21:5, 6).
      There you have it.  Who will be the first to explain?
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