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17340SSNET: 10: Bible Reading (was: Christ - love & obey)

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  • Ben Tupper
    Jun 7, 2014
      Here is my first attempt at that: Psalm 19, attached here in MS Word format.

      The Psalm is not entirely consistent in the statement/response form of couplets. Some lines seem to want to stand out differently. So I have set them alone, with the idea that the congregation and leader could speak those in unison for particular emphasis. I think that makes for a nice variety of style to increase the impact.

      I'd be interested to know the results if anyone tried to do this in a real church setting.

      Ben Tupper

      At 03:50 AM 6/7/2014, you wrote:
      >I like that. I’ve gone to many church services where the only congregational role was to kneel or stand, sing the opening and closing hymns, and put money in the offering.
      >Responsive reading is great, although my problem with responsive reading is the disturbing mix of the mike and natural voices for the congregational part of the reading.
      >Instead of responsive reading by the congregation, we end up with a speaker doing the reading through a mike at the pulpit with the congregation following along.
      >Leave the mike off and let the congregation rumble through the reading with the leader(s) speaking in natural tones. Yes, an individual might make a mistake, but it is always covered by the other readers. And nothing is more reverent and inspiring than the sound of natural human voices uniting in speech (or music) without electronic amplification. I’m sure that was one of the beautiful aspects of antiphonal readings in the Old Testament and equally sure we won’t use microphones in heaven!
      >By the way, I’ve seen microphones stuffed inside pianos so they’ll play louder. The tinny sound of a piano with microphone amplification can never be completely eliminated, as far as I can tell. I’m sure that acoustics can be managed with minimal electric current, but I suppose it’s easier to flip the switch and amplify.
      >Joyce Griffith
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      >Adventist churches frequently do a "responsive reading" as part of the liturgy -- the Bible passage just before the sermon. Nearly always this is from a prepared script in the back of the hymnal, divided between regular and bold-face type. My experience is that both the pulpit reader and the congregation often stumble through the lines -- partly, I think, because of the passages being unfamiliar texts in unfamiliar translations, often chopped and pasted from different source chapters.
      >I am entranced by the idea of doing some KJV poetry in the ancient Hebrew manner, with the pulpit reader alternating with the congregation line by line antiphonally through the couplets of a Psalm. This would not be possible reading from the printed KJV, difficult from any translation, even when the lines are set in more or less poetic form. I think as an experiment I'll set a few of the favorite Psalms in a format especially structured for easy antiphonal reading and see if we can train our little congregation to do it effectively. I think a dynamic rapid-fire reading of a Psalm, alternating the lines of the couplets antiphonally, would be a great introduction to the sermon and enhance the worship experience. We have a pair of digital projectors directed toward large screens at the front of our sanctuary, so it would be relatively easy to project the verses for all to see. Our congregation is accustomed to reading from the screens because we begin each worship service with a congregational reading of John 3:16,17, projected in large easy-to-read type on the screens.
      >Ben Tupper

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